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Making your Photos Halloween-Ready

It's the spookiest time of the year again and we're helping you get ready for Halloween with some of our new themes. What the better way to prep yourself for All Hallows Eve than a full-blown Halloween-ready photo on your Facebook profile? Edit your Facebook photos easily using the Picturizr mobile application using these new themes we made with AWESOME!

As a Pisces man and Leo woman, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez' relationship is considered as one of the most romantic and workable combinations in the zodiac. Leo loves to be in the center of attention and to be adored while Pisces loves to please and worship their partners - what could be a more compatible pair?

Flirt like a Pirate

Ahoy!! Get your wooden legs and hook hands and let's celebrate Pirate speak day! We actually don't know how this started but we at Picturizr support the International 'Talk like a Pirate' day starting with a promo - download the Pirate theme (originally for $0.99) for FREE until September 21, 2011. While you download and start Picturizing your friends to talk like pirates with our pirate speech bubbles, here are some tips on how to flirt like a pirate:

What music genre represents your personality?

Hey Picturizers! Music has defined us in many ways than we can imagine. From head banging to metal music, grooving to reggae or bobbing to techno music, music has become not just a preference, but also a lifestyle. Whether you're feeling like a single lady like Beyonce or wearing outrageously black lipstick like the metal band Kiss, we have you all covered with our awesome music badges.

Customer review from Mothering.com

It's the middle of the week and I'm sure both our stay-at-home and working moms are a wee bit tired of their mothering duties, juggling homework in between dinner and cleaning. If you can relate, we suggest you try out Picturizr, a wacky photo editing app that you can use as a group activity with your kids. That's what Diane Fuentes, one of our mom users, did when she downloaded Picturizr and made a review about it at a famous parenting website, Mothering.com.

Borders and Frames

Make your photos come alive with these cute frames from Picturizr. Check out our new frames at the Borders and Photo Frames category under Frames in the Picturizr in-app store. Here's one of our users getting creative with one of our free heart frames. Prettify your photos with the Picturizr mobile app on Android, iPhone and iPad!

Own that statement!

We know that Picturizr users are proud of their individuality, that's why we're releasing our newest overlays matching whatever personality that defines you. From fonts to words, we've all got a wide and growing selection of overlays for you to download and use FREE! Download our app today!  

Picturizr Android Promo Code Giveaway

We wanna say thank you to our Android users, who have been so supportive. To celebrate more than 7,500 Picturized photos for the past year, we're giving away $10 promo codes to Android users! All you have to do is follow us on Twitter, mention us in your tweet telling us what type of Android phone you're using. Whether it's an HTC or a Samsung, you all get the promo codes!

New stuff this month

We've recently launched the Picturizr in-app store on Android and with it, we came out with version 2.3.2371 last June 24, 2011. Download it on the Android Market here. Now you can redeem Picturizr Promo Codes to download paid overlays and theme packs for free! Find out how by e-mailing picturizr[at]isbx.com and ask us. If you come across any problems with the app on your Android device, please let us know what Android device you are using and what version of the Android OS you have. Just shoot us an e-mail!

Father's Day Tribute

It's only a few days before Father's Day. What have you got for your dads for his special day? If you're looking for a little something extra to tell your father that he's the COOLEST DAD EVER, try downloading our Father's Day theme at the Picturizr in-app store.

Stamp your passports!

Wondered whether you can go globe trotting like famous travel show hosts? Well, you can, without actually leaving your seats as Picturizr brings you these super cool passport stamps from all over the globe! Be a jetsetter and design your photos with real passport stamps from Spain, Italy, Hong Kong or Japan.  

Are you ready for the Zombie Apocalypse?

We all nearly "survived" the May 21 Rapture and now, we're faced again by yet another life threatening event - the Zombie Apocalypse. A brilliant cop (not from a TV show called The Walking Dead) thought of an idea on how to avoid getting eaten by these flesh-eaters. Look, smell, dress - BE A ZOMBIE. We at Picturizr, will help you figure out your best Zombie look before you head out and actually put gross fake blood on yourself.

Set sail on the Seven Seas!

Pillage towns, sail across wild seas, cuddle untamed wenches or download your favorite movie online - no, wait, that's not it - and man your very own ship! Show your friends that you can dominate both land and sea with the new Pirate theme for just $0.99. With Picturizr's powerful photo editing tool, you won't need to actually grow a beard to be feared by those scallywags, yarr! Wear a beard, don a pirate hat, arm yourself with a sword and claim your treasure!

Anime Invasion

The Kawaii syndrome has just invaded Picturizr! Super big eyes, blushing, popping nerves, exclamation points and sweatdrops - they've finally come to your favorite wacky photo editing app! A couple of anime eyes from cute girlie ones, angry, sinister, bored to just plain surprised are available FREE for download at the Eyes and Goofy Category Overlays section. Here are some of the overlays in action, made by our talented Picturizr users.

Fonts are in!

Have you been wanting to create memes with fonts easily with your mobile device? We have heard your cries and have included a couple of Font Theme Packs like Gangstah, Graffiti, Meme White and Meme Black.

Hoodwink Yourself with Picturizr!

Hoodwinked Too!, the awaited sequel of the Red Riding Hood animation Hoodwinked!, is now available on the in-app Picturizr store starting today. Create countless versions of you, your kids and your friends with these exclusive goods from the Hoodwinked Too! movie. Overlays like Mr. Wolf's eyes, Gretel's blonde braided hair, Granny's classic bun do, Verushka's sinister mouth and from other characters. You can get the Hoodwink Yourself theme directly on the Picturizr in-app store for just 0.99$.

Flaunt your style with Body Tattoos

Some people have been dying to get tattoos but are either too scared or just plain adamant about getting one. Now, you don't actually need to go through all that pain to show everyone what type of tattoo you'd want. Having launched our Tattoo Overlay Category with a handful of skull tattoos, we're now including more styles to match your personality. These floral-inspired tattoos are best if you want to show off your feminine side.

Happy Peace Officers Memorial Day!

Everyday, our public safety officers risk their lives for our nation's peace and order, to keep our families and communities safe and sound. This week, we commemorate the lives of those who died bravely in the line of duty and the honor they gave to the loved ones they left behind. For the whole week, from May 14 to 21, 2011, Picturizr users can download Peace Officers Memorial Day overlays for FREE!

Represent your Country with Badges

Show your pride for your country with the new Picturizr country badges. We launched the latest addition to our new batch of overlays two days ago with an Israel country badge, just in time for Yom Ha'atzmaut, the Holy Land's day of independence.