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ISBX Picturizr - Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

We're giving away three (3) Amazon Gift Card's Valued at $75 for the first 25 reviewers of our Picturizr App!

Instructions: Be one of the first 25 to download, review and rate our Picturizr App for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices! ISBX will hold a raffle after 25 reviews have been entered for each platform and determine a winner. The winner receives an Amazon Gift Card valued at $25. The winner must email their App Store or Android Market username from a valid email address to picturizr@isbx.com in order to be eligible. Winner(s) will be announced on this site at the end of the offer.

Good Luck!

Other information:
  1. Picturizr App is free for all platforms.
  2. Only one winner of the (1) Amazon Gift Card valued at $25 given for each device platform – three (3) cards total.
  3. Send emails to picturizr@isbx.com Enter "Picturizr Amazon Gift Card Giveaway" in the subject. Enter the name of the Twitter account where you found the promo in the body of the email.
  4. Amazon Gift Card Code will be emailed to you. A physical gift card certificate can be mailed to your address if needed. The Amazon Gift Card can be used to purchase any item through Amazon.com or any of its affiliates.
  5. Only one winner per device platform.
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